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Pricing for Conversion Kits

Wheel sets come standard with frame box, swing arm, pivot bar, rubber compression spring, lock down plate, through tongue jack mount, and posts for mounting to the camper frame. The swing arms have a 3500# or 6000# (rated per pair) tapered spindled welded in place with bolts for the option of mounting brake plates. They have 2 grease zerks in the pivot tube for easier maintenance.

Standard unit pricing:

1 piece sets (Best for camper conversions to mount under frame)

  • 3500# - $850
  • 6000# - $950

2 piece sets (Wheel boxes not connected in one unit, great for installing in steel or aluminum frames)

Warning: These will not work for bolting or welding to the outside of a frame where there is only one side connected. Each box must be supported on at least 3 sides.

  • 3500# - $800
  • 6000# - $900

Add-on/Optional item pricing:

Manual jacks:

  • Side wind: 2000# ea - $33, 5000# ea - $55
  • Top wind: 2000# ea - $30, 5000#ea - $33

Electric jacks:

  • 3000# ea - $290

Fenders bolted to welded on mounts: $100 per set

1" square tubing frame above wheel for mounting boards to: $100 per set

Wheel and tire pricing vary by size, but are $200 ea for full 6000# capacity, and lower with less capacity.